after 2 years.

October 17, 2008

yepp, i’m at (:

and im still there. *HUGE achievement.


April 21, 2006

goodness. i cant believe how long i havent been here. ahh well. ysee. you get too public and then you wish that your site is private. then you get too private then you wish your site is public. the point is. im somewhere stuck in the middle now with a semi-private blog and well. im getting sick and tired of as well.

im still thinking of moving to my own server and domain. but well i have to wait till i get my essentials. sayy. my new phone. then i can think about it. for now im back with blogspot. and well. good job on the add-ons. glad to see thriving. (:

its been a good time here. somehow.

take care.

something very random.


March 20, 2006

I was talking to Irfan about going on hiatus last night. And well. I guess I really am.

Blogging publicly had restrained me from really letting it out, and while everyone reads the blog, I am compelled to put up something worth the reading. Definitely I enjoy doing that, but it is not me anymore.

I will continue blogging somewhere else. And perhaps, by the time I am ready to start blogging publicly again, I’ll let you guys know again.

It’s been a good journey with, and the downtimes and the funky wordpress interface. But while I move somewhere either more independent(my own probably.) or more dependable(look at blogger.), you are always free to revisit any of my posts.

No, I’m not that impulsive to delete everything in here. (:


Personality Disorder Test.

March 19, 2006
Personality Disorder Test Results

Paranoid |||||||||||||||||| 78%
Schizoid |||||||||||| 46%
Schizotypal |||||||||||| 50%
Antisocial || 10%
Borderline |||||||||||||| 58%
Histrionic |||||||||| 34%
Narcissistic || 10%
Avoidant |||||||||||| 50%
Dependent |||||||||||||||||| 78%
Obsessive-Compulsive |||||||||| 34%

Take Free Personality Disorder Test
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Want/need/desperately need: nail polish remover.

March 14, 2006

Perhaps I am really a perfectionist.

Couldnt stop flinching or feeling uncomfortable with screwed up toenails that are half covered by nail polish. Set off to take it off and put on new coats, but the remover ran out before I could remove the polish from the last 4 toes.

7-11 doesnt sell remover (what is this ! nail polish remover is a emergency neccessity !) and NTUC was also closed. So I returned home to call the gf to borrow the remover, but she was otherwise engaged/busy.

So my dad offered turpentine, since its used to remove paint. Seemed quite extreme but either way I used it. And it kinda worked, but it stinks like crazy. So mm I was lingering awhile until I felt the in-betweens of my fingers burning.

No one told me I was either allergic to turpentine, or that turpentine was actually corrosive, or burns the skin or whatever.

So I’m fine now anyway. And I’m making sure I’ll buy the nail polish remover tomorrow when I’m out.

Retreat site recce at 845am tmr morning.

Gotta run.


March 13, 2006

It was a really long Sunday, trust me.

I sat in front of the monitor screen facing this page for the past 30mins writing about the day’s events and felt dumb after. So then, here’s the largely edited version of what-happened-today-in-my-rahrah-boring-(not)-life.

We managed to persuade Dwong to not wear his atrocious looking hotpink tie (which is made out of 2 chingay bandannas) up the stage. Even I, fashion-dumb-dumb, thinks it just doesnt look right with his dark blue shirt. It’s just so wrong.

Lunch was intended at Potong Macs, along with half of the YF, but Macs turned out to be totally packed, even without us. In the end, half or more of the group that intended to dine at Potong Macs landed up somewhere in PS basement 1. And I got to eat at MOS burger, where I’ve been whining to go to even before we reached Potong Macs. How ironic.

A sudden impulse to watch LOTR by Beka, had us heading to WH’s place for the show, where there was an excellent couch, as well as surround sound, and good food. The walk in was again torturous, but it probably gets easier everytime we walk in, and of course, reaching his place after the walk in was like finding an oasis in the desert.

Rachel is officially declared as the most easily-affected-by-movies person. The way she screamed at the fighting scenes and the way she makes us feel like she’s in the movie itself was a form of entertainment for us also. It’s crazy really but yes Rachh, you make the movie much more interesting that it could have been. We didnt finish the show tho. Beka and Rachh brought it home, leaving us lingering at chapter 27/54 of the Two Towers.

Peis and I stayed for dinner at WH’s, but before that I ended up helping WH sort out his papers for the term that just passed. Its feels good to do something that is distantly related to school, and yes, I’m a nice person. (: Ahh well. It was much of a lazing around with not particular crazy schedule thing anyway.

Dinner was good, and was nearly a party as WH’s brother’s 3 friends were also in the house. Utterly bloated after, and seriously, havent felt like that for a long time. And no, I dont know if its good or bad.

We got down to playing the piano, and singing (christmas carols. yes.) and yeaa. WH’s mum sent us home after at around 930.

This post is still quite long but trust me, it was much much shorter than the one before. (:

So the results came out.

March 10, 2006

AdFS – B+
ComN – B
ArtsApp – B

Calculated my GPA to be 3.2 this semester. cGPA I have no idea, but oh well. Yay improvement.

Either way, I’m still an average B student. =/

Better than no improvement aye?

Denial Therapy.

March 9, 2006

Works for: those who are broke, those who think that they are broke, those that just dont have enough money to spend.

What you need: a rich well to do above average friend that likes to shop. a lot.

1. go out with friend.
2. persuade friend to buy something (anything, everything)
3. take friend’s wallet (and dont run away with it)
4. pay for friend’s stuff as in its what youre buying
5. return wallet to friend.
6. insist on carrying the bags of bought goods for friend.
7. repeat as desired.

Advantage: Guilt-free spending, you ‘feel’ rich.
Disadvantages: You live in denial.

Disclaimer: All for the sake of fun k? If youre really addicted, please seek medical help. (:

Bittersweet memories.

March 7, 2006

There’s always a bittersweet thing when looking back at the Cedar days, as well as the 1st 3 months at SRJC. Sweet memories and the bitter feeling that they are no more. i remember on the last day in cedar, i blogged about something YanLin said.

I knew I would look back at our quarrels and laugh. But I didn’t know that I will look back at our laughters and cry.

Sighh. I miss Cedar.

A Poem.

March 7, 2006

sorry to hurt you
i never mean to
it was all mistake
blame i will take

it wasn’t my fault
it was my heart
it ain’t your fault either
but we still have to part

i promise not to hurt you
but i did it again
i broke your heart again
sorry’s all i can say

i wonder if it’s true love
cos for me i don’t know
i have once loved you
but for now my heart is cold

get a new life dear
carry on with it
forget me if you want
hope’ll we never meet

but if we really do
i’ll tell you sorry
and now..dear..

No, that was to someone else that I meant to for now.

Its ok. I dont get myself either.